Okay, so I may be reviewing books that have been out for a long, long time…..but as I’ve only just discovered them, so maybe some readers out there are the same. In any case, this book is part of my trip back in time to the 80s rock scene.

So here’s my latest review….


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The Dirt – Motley Crue

Having recently read the excellent Dirty Rocker boys by Bobbie brown, I thought I’d spend some of my Amazon Kindle vouchers on purchasing The Dirt by Motley Crue. It’s always good to get the other side of the story where possible, and after reading Bobbie’s book, I was intrigued to learn more about the guys from the Crue. I’d already read the Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx and the truth was, I ended up quite liking Nikki.  He was someone who made some bad errors of judgement, but was essentially decent.  His chapters were easily the best ones in this book, however the others didn’t fare that well…..so where do I begin?

Let’s begin with Vince Neil.  This book makes him come across as total dirt.  Which is saying something as he worked on his own chapters! He’s cheated on every woman he’s ever had, betrayed ever person he could ever call a friend, killed someone (and then bitched about how badly off he was afterwards…..whining on for sentences about how hard his life was in the aftermath, without ever mentioning the people in the other car), he let down his family, his friends, himself; all while trying to justify his actions. He called the car crash an ‘accident’. How is it an accident when you’re off your face on booze and drugs and then get behind the wheel? Or when you’re driving like an idiot and doing 70 in a 25 zone? He literally comes across as the most self-centred, spoiled, egotistical brat on the face of the earth. The only time I felt any sympathy whatsoever for him was when his little 4 year old girl died (very, very sad story). He could have taken something utterly tragic and turned his life around; taken stock of everything and turn his ass around but I don’t think he did, I don’t think he ever will.  He may be an outstanding front man, but he is one selfish, self-important shit. Safe to say, his chapters in the book and the way others spoke about him did not endear him to me. At all.


Tommy Lee doesn’t come off looking much better. He’s not an arrogant prick like Vince Neil and I can see that he has a good personality and maybe a good heart from what I read, but seriously this guy’s favourite line is something like “…..never in my life would it have occurred to me to hit a chick..” just before he hit a chick. I’m not saying it’s okay that Pamela Anderson hit him either (it really wasn’t), but to actually kick her when she was carrying their son? And then push her? She’s tiny and she had their baby son in her arms. Such a nice guy. But hey! He would never have hit chicks usually and jail was sooooo hard.  I read this is after I’d read in Bobbie Brown’s book about how he attacked her in front of her daughter. Then he complains about being perceived as a wife beater. Hmmm.

Furthermore, Bobbie describes how they were engaged and on again / off again and how Tommy called her from the beach just before he married Pam, telling her what he was going to do, so that Bobbie would beg him not to and take him back.  She didn’t. So he married Pam. Everyone thinks that Pam was the love of his life and maybe she was eventually, but to begin with, she was the revenge he took against Bobbie. He drops some comment in his book section about Bobbie being upset and uh…”I think she still thought we were engaged or something?” It takes up an entire chapter of Bobbie’s book, it doesn’t even warrant a full paragraph in his. Almost like he doesn’t want to look too closely at the incident or delve into it too deeply or something…..in case he has to admit what really happened.


Mick Mars comes across as mostly okay although he seems to consider himself enlightened and everyone else around him has to be pretty much stupid because they don’t have the secret, super cool knowledge that he does. But that’s okay, he’s also one of the sanest guys in the band and his battle against his illness is talked about candidly and the ‘grey ghost’ concept done really well. His chapters are few and far between though, almost as though he thought it beneath him or just couldn’t be bothered. Maybe he feels tired with his day to day life and that’s about all he could come up with. It just felt like he wasn’t really present in the book. An okay guy though.


These guys were real assholes in the day – beating up men, women and cops – just because. Knocking a woman’s teeth out and leaving her bleeding on the sidewalk. Making babies all over the place but never being straight or sober enough to raise them. Drink, drugs, parties, fights, arrests, rape (yes, really), violence, theft, guns, killings, vandalism, cheating, lying, jail…….for a long time, this was the world of the guys in Motley Crue.  They thought they were rock gods, but they were just overgrown kids with parent issues and insecurities and no place to call home.

I still have a soft spot for Nikki though. He speaks about his time with Lita Ford with such respect and you can really tell from what he writes (and from reading the Heroin Diaries) that this is a guy with a soft heart who really did want to be better, and these days – he is.


I wish I could say I liked this book. After all, I’ve always liked the music. The truth is though, I rolled my eyes when they talked about how many drugs they did and how often, or which musical instrument they inserted into which woman’s body part….they seem to think that their wild lifestyles were what made them cool and ‘legendary’. They’d be wrong. The music is what counts – their behaviour is was what made them thoughtless, selfish, inconsiderate assholes who people didn’t want to be around. They used people, they abused their partners, wives and girlfriends, they abused themselves and each other and all in the name of being one of the coolest rock bands to rule the sunset strip.  It made for very entertaining reading indeed, but it just left a sour taste in my mouth…..they did some seriously questionable, illegal, horrible, immoral things and then seemed very pleased with themselves about it. They’re unapologetic, still full of shit and the only redeeming quality is that now they’re mostly clean and have maybe (hopefully) grown the fuck up.

Unbelievable tales of debauchery await you if you fancy giving this a read.