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<A (very) large chunk of my 20's and 30's was spent going out, socialising, drinking and dancing. My group of friends changed slightly over the years, but some things remained constant, such as where we hung – the places we went to. One firm favourite was the pub we used to go to the most often (i.e. every weekend. Sometimes Friday, Saturday and Sunday too!). Back in the 90s/2000’s, this place was a rock pub and thankfully still is! The Tap & Tumbler was a traditional looking pub, but everyone knew it was where the rockers went. The juke box was crammed full of Pearl Jam, Metallica & Red Hot Chilli Peppers. God forbid it any ‘normals’ walked in. They’d be greeted by thumping loud music, a sea of long hair, tattoos, piercings and big boots! We drank pints and made a lot of noise and always sat in the same place, ‘our’ booth. It was rare that we ever went to another pub to be honest, but if we ever fancied a change, we’d try Fagins, The Dragon, The Old Angel or Tivolis. This was during a time when the rock scene was thriving in Nottingham and we had plenty of places to go and cause trouble.

Ahhh, the Tap! The good old days….

No matter which pub we went to, when it was getting close to closing time the next place on our list way always the same place, no matter what. Rock City and their clubs night have been around for years.

Back in the day, Friday nights used to be pure rock night and Saturday was Alternative (NIN, sisters of Mercy etc). This applied to the main dancefloor. Disco 2 (now The Basement) used to host other nights, such as thrash, death metal, Nu metal etc. There was something for every fan of rock music…whether you were into Tigertailz or Cradle of Filth. Rock City also used to open up the partition so punters could wander next door to The Rig, a nice little offshoot of Rock City that did themed nights such as Motown, Metal Hair bands etc. Sadly, this is now the Black Cherry Lounge and although they do seem to open those doors still, it looks a little different these days!

As Rock & metal died a slow painful near-death, Rock City had to expand on their club nights. The current line up is:

Thursday – Student Night – TUNED

TUNED is Nottingham’s BIGGEST student night. We take over Rock City every Thursday and have 2-4-1 drinks all night long!

6 Bars, 3 Rooms, 2-4-1 Drinks, 1 Love… ♡

Where the magic happens. 2000 people losing their minds, it really is a beautiful sight.

Is taken over by the Stick Tight team, playing the best pop punk and alternative anthems.
Check out their page –https://www.facebook.com/sticktightnotts/

The home of hip-hop, rap and grime. Get dirty on the dance-floor or kick back in the seating area.  Check out the page –

Friday Nights are now ‘Get Lucky’ nights and it’s all chart stuff – utter shit you’d never expect to hear in Rock City.  It brings in the crowds though and keeps the club going so that it’s always open and we get the coolest bands. It’s a necessary evil.

Saturday nights are still sacred! Here’s the line up:

Blink 182
Green Day
Sum 41
Limp Bizkit
Taking Back Sunday
A Day To Remember
Arctic Monkeys
Pretty Reckless
Queens Of The Stone Age
Four Year Strong
Jamie T
Vampire Weekend
Chase and Status
Rage Against The Machine
Brand New
Foo FIghters
All Time Low
Enter Shikari

you get the general gist of it…..

It’s meant to feel like a festival indoors, several rooms of music with a huge main hall. Lazers, smoke, massive visuals and the thumping new sound system deliver the best experience to be had in the city. Over a thousand people can fit in that room which makes it the biggest, best and most atmospheric arena to listen and dance to biggest and hottest tracks.

This room is built for the underground, bringing you all that’s at the cutting edge and all of the power of the underground from the past. Playing weekly on different nights are 2 amazing djs. From Kerrang Radio we have DJ Loz and from the reading & Leeds lock up stage we have Dj Gaz. No messing these guys are the underground. This is Rock City. These are the best alternative Djs in town.

Do you want diversity? Something Different? Not afraid of standing up and declaring your love for the likes of David Bowie, The Smiths, Kate Bush, Daft Punk, Beastie Boys, Dizzee Racal, Pulp, Aerosmith , MIA, The Strokes, Katy Perry then our Pop Fiction room is the only Saturday night out for you in Nottingham!! Bring you all the best in ‘Your Guilty Pleasures’ with Your Resident DJ Tenderheart.

If you were in to rock music back in the 90’s/2000’s, then you were at Rock City. There have been times when I’ve attended student night, both Friday & Saturday night and then bank holiday Monday specials. I don’t know where I got the money! I just know I drank a lot of alcohol (a lot), ate a lot of shit food in the Moulin Rouge chippy at 2-3am, and went home in taxis.

Again, where did I get the money?! We went to special club nights where they had themes like ‘At the Beach’ where you’d get free drinks for turning up in an Hawaiian shirt etc. They tip sand on the dance floor, blow up a bunch of beach balls and stick some fake palm trees in and they – stay open until 6am. We did those nights, we did them all. They used to serve food in the club too and quite often, we’d have a skinful of booze (usually lager), eat at Rock City, drink spirits and then still end up at the Moulin Rouge. This is roughly the time when I started to gain weight, ha!

The only guys we wanted to date were at Rock City, the only music we wanted to listen to was there. The only bands we wanted to see played the main stage. Once, even Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden turned up and invited people to fence onstage. At night. Drunk people and fencing swords. What could go wrong?

Somewhere during my early-mid thirties, my group of friends shifted again (seemed to be once every 10 years or so!) and I found myself with the wonderful guys n gals I call friends now. My tastes changed (not music. But wanting to stay home and read instead of go clubbing). All of a sudden, Rock City was just the same old place, full of the same old faces, playing the same old music. I was tired of that scene and it was time to move on and let the new generation take over. But, I can always remember head-banging to Nirvana, Ministry and Terrorvision and spending all of my younger years in that place. When I visit now to see a band, the memories come flooding back. I remember past loves, old friends, good times and the days of not having a care in the world. I remember wearing Doc Martens, black tights, cut off levis, band t-shirts and checked shirts. Having 6 earrings in one ear, 5 in another.

I used to think I was so cool back then. I was determined to be different, we all were! The thousands of us that went to Rock City week after week. That place would definitely have some stories to tell……